AFractal Sound Server

AFractal Sound Server is "Sound Server for AFractal" and "Java Program for PC".

If you boot "AFractal Sound Server" on your PC, that machine will be able to play fractal sounds that AFractal is creating live over WIFI.

This program required "Java Runtime Enviroment (JRE) 6". (Get JRE 6)


Boot (or Download and Boot)
AFractalSoundServer ver.1.0.1 (afractalsoundserver.jnlp)

How to Use
1. Install Java Runtime Enviroment
This program required "Java Runtime Enviroment (JRE) 6". (Get JRE 6)
You need to download JRE 6 and install it.
2. Boot "AFractal Sound Server"
You can boot "AFractal Sound Server" on your PC with clicking "afractalsoundserver.jnlp" above.
3. Change "Port Number"
If you need, you may change "Port Number for Sound" and "Port Number for Data".
4. Choose "MIDI Output Device"
If you lose way, you should choose "Java Sound Synthesizer".
5. Start "Server Thread"
Android Phone
1. Boot "AFractal"
2. Create Picture (Data)
Settings Example
- Data : Orbit Test
- Rendering Quality : Draft - Width, Height / 8 pixels colorling
3. Boot "Sound View"
4. Open "Live Data Settings"
5. Choose "Server"
6. Check "Connect to Server"
7. Set "IP Address" and "Port Number"
You should set "IP Address" and "Port Number" as same as your PC's settings.
8. Start "Creating Fractal Sound"
Settings Example
- Intrument : 54. Voice Oohs
- Tempo : Slowest

If you frequently use "Java Sound Synthesizer" as "MIDI Output Device", you may change "Soundbank". (Get Soundbank) - Your trial of "" is strongly recommended.

You can also use "MIDI LoopBack Driver" as "MIDI Output Device" . (Get LoopBe1 , MIDI Yoke, Maple Midi)

Known Issues
To be retuned "Loopback Address" as "IP Address" on linux because security reasons
Please check up "IP Address" of your machine by yourself.

Change Log
Version 1.0.1 - 2011.1.30 (Japan/Yokohama GMT+9:00)
- Fixed error of "MidiUnavailableException : MIDI OUT transmitter not available"
Version 1.0 - 2009.11.9 (Japan/Yokohama GMT+9:00)
- Initial release